It’s Okay Not To Have It All Figured Out Yet

Day 18: It’s okay to not have it all figured out yet

This is absolutely perfect for today! As you can see, my post is going out a little late today…I’ve been getting up a few hours before work every day to write, but I wasn’t feeling it this morning, so I slept in instead. I was up in plenty of time to start work, but my post would have been rushed if I would have tried to cram it in. And it turned out to actually help in picking which “It’s Okay” today would be. 🙂

I recently started a new job and for someone who is used to excelling in my work, I also have this expectation that I need to master everything immediately! I had to remind myself today that it’s okay that I don’t have it all figured out yet. It takes time and better to learn it slow and let it sink in than to rush through the process and miss an important detail. Tomorrow is a new day. I will enter it carrying the knowledge earned today and yesterday until eventually, uncertainty will be all but a distant memory.

If you are struggling with something right now, remember you are not alone. I know just how you feel, but it’s okay. We don’t have to have it all figured out yet.

Be easy on yourself, you’ll figure it out eventually. 🙂

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