Tiffany Rochelle was born in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in 1982, the first and only daughter of a very misguided women living under an assumed alias and a supposedly deceased father. Although her mother was her primary guardian for most of her childhood, she spent a great deal of time separated from her during her many incarcerations.
After a serious car accident when Tiffany was a child where she suffered a compound leg fracture and broken collar bone, she was taken in to foster care by her godparents. Her mother had suffered no injuries in the accident and after Tiffany was safely out of surgery, she rushed home to collect her things only to be met by the police and taken in to custody.
After a month of being in the hospital, Tiffany was released to live with her godparents. It was then that they revealed to her the true identity of her mother. The name, birthday, and social security number she had been using for almost 10 years belonged to a stranger.
After several years, her mother was released in to the custody of her adopted parents in Illinois and Tiffany was sent to meet her. Over the next few years, she lived here off and on between her mother’s additional incarcerations, marriages and five year disappearance at the start of Tiffany’s freshman year of high school.
Shortly after graduating, Tiffany moved to Seattle, Washington where attended the University of Washington and obtained a B.A. in Psychology.
Tiffany is currently working on a memoir recounting the many events of her early childhood, excerpts of which can be found on this blog.
Her hope is that this character piece will offer encouragement and empowerment to those reading it to embrace life’s challenges as lessons in overcoming it’s many obstacles.
She is a wildly ambitious and highly optimistic artist who lives to create in any form. Tiffany holds a love for photography and painting, as well as a multitude of other artistic expressions.

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