It’s Okay To Love Yourself

Day 29: It’s okay to love yourself

I was taught to always be humble. That there was a very thin line between being confident and arrogant. One that should be minded carefully. Over the years, I have realized that the line isn’t as thin as I thought, it’s just perceived that way. The best thing you can do for you is to learn to love yourself and embrace confidence. There shouldn’t be any shame in that.

Loving yourself is crucial, not shameful. Being humble is one thing, but don’t discount your positive attributes in the process.

Maybe take a moment today and find 10 things you love about yourself and write them down. The next time you’re feeling down about yourself, pull out the list and try to add to it. Not only will it give you a boost, but the list will continue to grow as will you.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

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