Something She Will Never Have

With hope in her heart she stumbled,

Thinking maybe,

This time would be different.

No more,

Is far,

In love and war.

For she finally found the courage,

To bare her soul,

And was met with only regret.

Once again the fool,



Blundering hope,

For something that was real.

Something now,

She knows,

She will never have.


He is of The Peculiar

He is of the peculiar,

A sensual air of mystery in his eyes,

And truth in his heart.

Hidden from the normal,

The ordinary,

Is a man capable of greatness beyond their understanding.

For he is one who holds the power,

To light a fire in the souls of men.




The Deliciousness of the Dark

It’s different now…the darkness.

In the past it didn’t matter.

I was never lonely.

Nothing to miss,

No presence I longed for,

No craving of a kiss.

But now…

It’s different.

I’m feeling an emptiness,

A longing,

A wish,

For you.

More than I ever wanted,

Your touch,

Oh the sweet sensation of your lips,

Lingering on my skin.

I’m lost love, 

In the midst of all that we could be.

I’m scared love,

So terrified of you. 

And so I back away,

This defense,

In which I always seem to find my way. 

These bricks of fear I mortar,

For surely, 

I could never be loved…

Not me,

Not by you.

It simply must…

Be too good to be true.

Outside Looking In

The sadness comes in waves sometimes, breaking me before I even know it’s there.

It is not its presence that is off putting, but rather the crippling unknown source of the pain.

This mask is beginning to shows its age now and some days the light shines through.

Exposing the vulnerability of a wounded soul.

It is odd, how feelings of joy can welcome this pain.

As if to remind me, that everything fades.

And the greater the love, the deeper the loss.

I guess I have grown accustomed to the emptiness.

That dark cloud looming over my existence.

On the outside, I appear not to be damaged, but on the inside I am falling apart.

Or at least I always was.

It is unfamiliar and perhaps the root of this struggle.

For lately, I find myself less broken.

A peculiar state of mind for a member of the strange.

The uncomfortable knowing that you have been discovered.

And embraced even still.


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For A Moment

Sometimes I feel as though I was not meant for this world

But rather a lonely spectator

Watching in the shadows 

As the lives of others pass me by

Perhaps in another time

Or another place

Somewhere between tomorrow and today

I am lost

wandering alone 

among the mysteries of the universe

For a moment today

It felt like home

His touch

His voice

The way my name 

Rolled gently from his lips

My knees quivering

My heart pounding in my chest

I wanted to tell him then

How I craved his skin

That feeling of passion

I only felt with him

 For a moment 

I felt as though I belonged

And just like that

It was gone