Painfully Mistaken

I once found comfort in these memories of you.

The way they crept in gently through my cracks.

At the start of every day,

And the end of every night.

If I had only known they would be my undoing.

The final wave that would capsize my heart.

My grand finale in the wars of love.


Everything is different now, damaged.

Tainted by the knowledge that none of it was real.


Your eyes once held the beauty of a broken shade of blue,

Shining light through the empty caverns of my soul.

Awakening, what I thought was love.


A shared understanding of a world we both struggled to find our place in.

A battle that somehow seemed worth fighting again.


But that was then and this is now.

Everything is different; damaged.

Tainted by the knowledge that none of it was real.


The words you spoke to spare my tears,

Only left me feeling foolish.

To think I would be so naive as to believe,

That perhaps they held the truth.


And just maybe, this wasn’t like before.


But then I am reminded,

Love is timeless.

And the pure of heart know no bounds.

Had it all been true,

There would have been no stopping you.


And so…

Reminiscence holds no comfort now,

The way these thoughts of you creep brutally through my cracks.

At the start of every day,

And the end of every night.

Believing in you, my undoing.



More Please

Your touch…

is my favorite.


but gentle.

As if…

there were magic in those hands.

A spell to make me quiver,

A kiss to shake my bones.

And those delicately woven words,

That penetrate…

my soul.


He looked at her longingly

As the sunlight traced the lines of her face.

The distance in her eyes intriguing

Their depth a mystery to most.

Perhaps that is the attraction

And the reason it always fades.

There will always be something more

Something unknown.

A part of herself

The world will never see.

For loving her is not a task for the meek.

It is only the bold,

The courageous,

Who shall ever truly win her heart.

In a life that’s breeds ordinary,

She will forever hold out for the extraordinary.


If he knew how much she loved him,

It would surely break his heart.

If he could feel the pain of his absence,

In the way it pounds within her chest,

He too may be broken.

If he knew he was the catalyst,

In her decision to end the fight,

It just might bring him to tears.

For if he only knew, his disregard,

Would forever be the reason,

She would never love again.

Then maybe, just maybe,

He would gain an ounce of understanding

Of the hollowness she now calls home.

This Much: A Poem For The Disregarded

Broken Pieces of you still clutter the floor of my mind.

Their preciously hidden strangeness,

A comfort to me in this, the absence of you.

Making love to our memories,

As they delicately tickle these thoughts in my head.

And for a moment, I forget…

That I am alone,

In this,

The most painful love song of all.

Unmistakably one-sided,

Unrequited and adrift.

Yet in the end,

The only one I’ve ever wanted…

This much.