New Campaign & Book Updates!

As always, from my silence comes much inspiration. I’m up to 23K words written for the sequel of Insane Roots (so about 1/2 way there). I was hoping for a release date sometime this fall and I believe that should still be the case, it just may be late fall 🤗

The process of writing this time around has been like stepping back in time, standing like a wallflower in the shadows of my former life. My journal has been a helpful tool in recapping the events of my youth, although hard to read at times. If you wade through the sadness and teenage angst, there is a timeline of crucial information. As with the first book, reliving the bullying and heartbreak of those years has been a therapy session all in itself.

One that has inspired me to dedicate the month of August to #mentalhealthawareness

Highlighting specifically that it is okay not to be okay sometimes. Something I wish someone would have told me during those trying years of high school and beyond. I spent so much energy back then hiding the way I was feeling and the depression and anxiety I battled on a daily basis. I tried to be someone I wasn’t, to fit in, to be “normal”.

Looking back, all I was doing by hiding inside myself was hindering the person I was to become. The person I am proud to be today. The ability to experience a variety of emotions at any given time is the gift of being human although at times it may feel like a curse.

To all those who were cruel to me in the past, I hold no malice nor wish them any ill will. They may be the reason I found it so hard to trust anyone for so long, but now that I am grown, I realize their actions were merely a reflection of emotions they themselves were struggling to deal with. We were all doing the best with could with our level of understanding of the world at that time.

Forgiveness is freeing and it allows us the ability to understand our adversaries from a common ground; being an emotional being.

We are over halfway through 2020 and it has not been easy, but if we are able to find a way to connect on some level of existence, surely we will be moving in the right direction towards unity rather than division.

One thing in life that I believe rings true for everyone is the inevitable truth that there are times in our lives when we are not at the top of our game. For whatever reason, we are not okay.

This August, I would like to remind you that it’s okay, not to be okay.

In fact, it is a healthy and natural part of being human.

Here and across my social media accounts, I shall dedicate each day to some form of not being okay and why that in itself is okay.

The takeaway, I hope, will be the understanding that although division in thought is inevitable, there will always be unity in emotion.

May it be a stepping stone to peace.  

6 thoughts on “New Campaign & Book Updates!

    • Awe! Thank you! I hope so 🙂 The first was much easier to put together than this one, but I know it will be worth it. It’ll be a shocker to a lot of people in my life…the person I was when I was young was so much different than who they know now. Should prove pretty interesting how it is received!

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      • I have a book sitting stagnant in Amazon lol. I write poetry. After sharing some of my poetry on my blog, I got mixed reviews and well, I don’t know.

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      • Oh cool! What’s the title? I’d love to get a copy. Love poetry. I just released a mental health poetry/photography book on amazon as well, The Poetry of Emotion. Mines not doing super great either, but the price point on the paperback isn’t exactly where I would have liked it. Due to all the high res photos the print cost is high. If I would have gone any lower, I would have lost money on it. lol Which is a bummer because I really just wanted to get the word out and maybe make some folks feel better in the process. Oh well!

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      • That’s another reason I’m stalling a lot, is it worth my time and effort?

        I know getting started is tough!! I thought my blog would never take off. But I believe you got this! Patience!

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