Point Taken

It amazes me just how cruel people can be sometimes. And in some cases for no apparent reason at all.

Last night, someone I called a friend, severed the last thread remaining of our ever fleeting friendship.

Hurtful doesn’t even begin to describe his bullshit.

I mean really, does it make him feel like a bigger man to pray on the wounded?

I’m already broken asshole and much of it was thanks to the you of yesterday.

It must be so easy for you, always aiming at the same target.

Relying on my good nature to always take you back.

But that was then and this is now and in the end none of it really matters anyway.

So if you were trying to make a point, point taken.

If you were trying to put out the flames, consider them extinguished.

And as for me?

Well you got what you wanted.

Consider me gone.


3 thoughts on “Point Taken

  1. If you gave your best there was nothing better than what has happened. If not, then there is always room for hope Just be yourself and let people come, teach and go at will for nothing’s as bad as it might have been. Good day.

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