The Battle – A Poem

I slept today, until the wee hours of the afternoon.

My dreams the only comfort, these days.

A world to ease the pain of new beginnings.

It is the only place where I still know you.

Where I can still remember the lines of your face,

And that heavenly blue in your eyes.

Something I shall never again see in the light of day.

For this waking life has become my prison

My mind, a cage.

You were my only truth in a world that far from understands…our kind.

Broken, damaged and always wanting more.

Looking towards the future, with crippled hearts and shattered eyes.

Burned into my memory is the thought of you,

Tumbling backward as you look to the sky.

One last breath, one last smile

One last middle finger to the world.

And now, I sit alone with my thoughts.

Wishing so much that I could join you,

Rotting delicately beneath this bitter earth.

I miss my friend.

I miss his laughter, his wit.

That sparkle in his eyes when his passion begins to take hold.

I miss the knowing that there was someone out there who could truly understand.

I miss not feeling so isolated, so alone.

So tomorrow…

As the light from the sun creeps its way through my window,

I will refuse to wake once again.

Battling between the comfort of a dream and the torment of waking life

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