Sometimes the thing you don’t want to hear is exactly the thing you need to hear in order to find clarity in an otherwise confusing situation. I think we all keep things to ourselves that we think may hurt someone else, but is that really the best course of action?

I am not talking about little things like keeping the fact that your friend’s new haircut is less than flattering to yourself. I am talking about the big stuff…life changing stuff.

Our time on this earth is so precious and any time spent worrying about something that could have otherwise been prevented is a waste. The truth is that honesty is what really sets you free. Seeing someones true colors can change your opinion of them in an instant. An instant that may never have come if they had always stayed hidden.

People in our lives come and go, that is just the cold hard truth about life. Not everyone is going to stay your friend and not every relationship is going to work out.

We see things the way we want to see them. We hear things the way we want to hear them. And when our expectations are less than what we hoped, we are left wondering why. We pick apart the situation and ourselves. When the truth is right there in front of us.

It is humbling to find that you have been a pawn in someone’s deceitful game of cat and mouse. However, the knowledge of this can be just what you needed to move on. Sadness and confusion becomes anger and from this comes strength. You no longer spend your time wasted on someone that doesn’t deserve it. And when faced with the same situation again, the memories of the pain is what keeps you from making the same mistake.

So the next time you think you are doing someone a favor by keeping the cold hard truth to yourself, think about that. Are you really helping them or just delaying the inevitable pain that could set them free.


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