A Powerful Transformation

You know that feeling you get when you want something so bad you are crawling out of your skin? And the longer it takes to get it the more you seem to want it. I would like to throw out there that maybe what you want is not necessarily what you need and the reason you are not getting it is because something bigger than ourselves is intervening.

I have found that when things don’t turn out the way we would like them to, instead of getting frustrated, it is better to appreciate the difference as a way of expanding our consciousness. All of the teachings I have been studying believe this contrast to be essential in our own personal growth.

In Bronnie Ware’s book, Top 5 Regrets of the Dying,  the number one regret was: I wish I would have had the courage to live the life I knew I was destined to live.

So how can we prevent this?

My suggestion would be to allow ourselves to listen to those inner callings. Pay attention to the pull that we feel from some invisible intelligence, burning desire, or inner light that is constantly speaking to us. Sadly, in many cases we make excuses to ignore it and find out later that we should have gone with our gut, am I right?

I am living proof that when you decide to start listening, your entire life can change. You begin going down a new road that leads to new experiences and opportunities. Ones that you may have never known before.

Deep down, I think we all know that we have a purpose, but for one reason or another we keep ourselves from finding out what it is. We tell ourselves that we are satisfied with our current condition out of fear of failure if we try to pursue another course of action. One that perhaps may mean more to us than any other we have ever encountered. This fear should be our worst enemy, not the puppet master manning our strings.

So, I challenge you to listen to that inner voice, whether it may be to take a different route home, shop at a different store or simply wear something different than you had originally planned for the day.

And then pay very close attention to the moments that manifest (however small they may be) as a result of doing just that.

I think we have all had that moment when we have said to ourselves, “I knew I should have…” or “I should’ve know better”.

Like the day I decided to bring my umbrella to work even though there was no call for rain (I walked to work at the time so it ended up making a huge difference in my day). I woke in the morning, checked the weather as I usually do and decided on an outfit. As I pulled my shirt from the closet, my umbrella fell at my feet and I thought to myself, “I don’t need you today”, but then a moment of doubt crept in that I ignored. I proceeded to finish getting ready, grabbed my back pack and as I walked towards the door I realized I needed something out of the hall closet. So I turned around and just as I opened the closet door another umbrella fell at my feet. An umbrella that oddly enough I had actually borrowed from work and needed to return, so I decided to take it along. Little did I know I would need it about 5 minutes after walking out the door.

Some would call this just a coincidence, but for me it was a sign of something larger at play. For me it was one of those moments of synchronicity that I simply could not ignore and as a result, I avoided a walk in the rain, a day of sitting in wet clothing and possibly the need for an attitude adjustment! haha

I have come to learn that if you allow your life to unfold naturally, you will naturally find your purpose and your peace.

There is a time for everything, not just the positive but the opposite negative aspects as well. I am not trying to tell you that every day is going to come up roses. There is a time for struggle, a time for pain, depression and so on, but in those moments, if you can  remember that there will also be a time for joy, fulfillment and rejoice, you may be better able to grow as a person.

And as you do, you get to a new place in your life where you begin to understand that it is all about balance.

It becomes quite a freeing feeling to realize that you actually have nothing to do, nothing you need to control. When you step back and keep yourself from telling others how they should live and what they should do, you begin to accept them for who and where they are. It is not your duty to control the lives of others and it puts so much unnecessary pressure on your life when you try to do so. It is one thing to care about someone and feel that you have their best interests at heart, but it is important to remember that you are viewing their situation through your own looking glass. What is best for you is not always best for them. Perhaps they need to take a wrong turn in order to learn a very valuable lesson that will serve them greatly in the future. Their life is not yours to lead, to judge or to fix. Just love them and allow their life and your own to unfold naturally.

One of the most powerful lessons in this you can ever learn, I had to learn as a young women. My own mother walked away at a time in my life when I needed her the most. And before that she had lied about her identity including passing down a name to me that was stolen from someone else. She kept me from having a relationship with my biological father and many other relatives that to this day I have yet to meet. These are all things that made me very angry and depressed for many years. It was a grudge that many would agree was a valid one, but what a weight it was to bare.

It was not until I was able to forgive my mother that a very powerful transformation was able to take place. And I did this through writing my memoir. Something I believe was the result of divine intervention. I believe that the opportunities that set the process in motion were sent to me by God or whatever you want to call that divine spirit or divine presence.

I started the process during a very difficult time in my life. I was at an all-time low emotionally & physically. Things were just not working out for me. I was overweight, my relationships were not working, I was drinking more frequently, and I had stopped growing creatively. Things were not horrible by any means, but I knew in my heart that I was not living up to my true potential. I realize now that it was because I was carrying around all this hatred and bitterness for my mother.

Once I was able to accept her for who she was, I no longer needed my mother to be someone she was not. She would never be fully present in my life. She would never be someone I was able to count on and that was okay because I was a stronger person as a result of her absence. My anger and sadness had turned into gratitude and confidence. And more importantly, it is because of this revelation that I was able to find my purpose. I believe I was meant to empower others, to help them down the path to finding their inner peace, inspiration and light. It gives me great joy, so much so that there is no denying that this is the journey I was meant to take.

When I was finally able to sever the attachment to those old wounds, my life took on a life changing transformation. Everything began to fall into place. My writing came more naturally and at a much higher level. I embarked on the journey of self-improvement that I have been sharing with all of you and I have never felt better.

Relationships that never worked out have all turned out to be blessings in disguise. Loves I thought had been lost were never really present to begin with and gave me great insight into traits that were merely lacking in myself; confidence, security, self-assurance, faith, trust and acceptance. I am no longer on the hunt for love because  I know it will come when the time is right and for that reason I hold no intention of rushing it because if the time is not right, it will never work out. To all those who have tossed me aside, I have nothing but gratitude for they unknowingly saved me from myself.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to tell anyone how to live. I am simply sharing my experiences and this life altering revelation with you in the hopes that it may help in some way to improve areas of your life that you feel need addressing. Like many, I used to place blame on others for the way my life was. It was not until I took responsibility for my current condition that I was able to truly make a change. The point I want to drill home is that from my experience, I have found that we have the power within us to seize the opportunity in any given moment and make a change. Whatever it is that is creating stress in our lives is in itself a chance to learn, a chance to grow and a chance to change our circumstance. How you feel is a choice. You can choose to be angry or you can chose to be fulfilled and the choice you make will set the pace for all that comes next.

It is my greatest desire for you to find joy among this vast environment of negativity that can sometimes feel inescapable. And that at the end of your days you will hold no regrets, but instead hold an enormous amount of gratitude for the life you have led.

Wishing you all the best! Thank you for reading.


7 thoughts on “A Powerful Transformation

  1. I used to be able to “hear” that inner voice so well. Now that I am married and have children, I find I compromise a lot and sometimes that means compromising my inner voice as well.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I really enjoyed reading this. It is my hope to learn to forgive and let go. Sometimes I find that I do worry about what my kids, and some members of my family, are doing and my fiancé and mom remind me that some things are out of my control and I just need to pray and let them find out in their own way and in their own time. There were times that I would become overwhelmed by the stress that I couldn’t function the way I should have. With that said, keep the faith and know that your words are helpful, inspiring and encouraging.
    God Bless you!

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