Playing Detective

Over the last few weeks I have really been trying to work on the timeline for the next book in the Insane Roots series. In recounting the early years I was blessed to have the assistance of family and friends in order to piece it all together.
However, when my mother disappeared in 1996 she went off everyone’s radar. She lived a multitude of lives during the time she was missing and unfortunately none of us really know what she was doing. This time marks the beginning of the next book, so you can see why I have been having trouble.

Then I remembered a news article I found after the last time she was arrested. She had been missing for about four years when I received a notification that she was again in Federal custody.


At the time she had 27 known aliases. Adding the newly added names in the last two years for a grand total of 31.

31 one alternative lives that most of us knew nothing about.

I figured that perhaps the best place to start would be to find a way to learn all 31 of her identities. My mother was always doing something illegal no matter what name she was using and if I could find a way to track this, it would be much easier to piece it all together.

Time to play detective!

So far I have only found 10 of the 31, but even that has been eye opening. I won’t give too much away, but let’s just say, my mother was ‘married’ several times under several different names and has lived in almost every one of the continental United States. The more I travel down the rabbit hole, the more I am utterly fascinated by her “talents” for lack of a better word!

If anyone has any suggestions on search engines, please share! This is a big can of worms and I could use all the help I can get 🙂



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