Passionate Patience

I had a wonderful talk with a friend yesterday about life and the difficulty of mastering patience. We are both working towards a life of living our passion, but sometimes the baby steps are just not enough. We want what we want and we want it right now! Perhaps that is the product of the instantaneously gratifying world we live in.

We rationalized that patience is much harder when the level of passion is so high. We are both perusing our dreams, but also struggling to maintain our cloak of legitimacy within society at the same time. It is a very hard balancing act. By the time the 9-5 is over, sometimes the inspiration to dive in to the other areas of our life is lacking. Either due to exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed or simply because we are discouraged by how long it is taking to come together.

Personally, I struggle with the success of the book and the prospect of my career in writing. I don’t need a lot and I am not saying I want to make millions of dollars. I am simply looking for a strong foundation and marketing platform the will allow me to live my passion. I want to create every day of my life! That is what gives me ultimate joy. Whether it be writing, painting, scrap booking, photography or crafting…that is what I live for.

I know from the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks that every time I focus on the lack of what I want I am pushing it further and further away from myself, but it is so hard not to.

Pondering this dilemma on the walk in to work this morning, I began compiling a list in my head of all the little things that have begun building momentum for me in reference to my marketing platform. So many times I think we are so focused on the final result that we forget about all the progress we have already made. I strongly believe each one of us can have all that we desire, but I also know that it will not happen over night.

So, I decided that when I finished work today that I would make a formal list of accomplishments. This way each time I am feeling discouraged, I can pullout my list and shut up my negativity with the evidence of progress!

What I found by doing this was that in comparison to this time last year, I have actually made great strides in building my audience. Something I hadn’t really comprehended until this most recent reflection. In looking at my list, I found that my followers on all social media outlets  have more than doubled in most cases. I have done several book signings and almost completely tackled my phobia of public speaking. The followers on the Insane Roots FB Fan Page have almost tripled and, although slowly, books are selling. It was just released in February and for a debut author, I am pretty pleased with the numbers. Considering before February my status as a writer was virtually non-existence, I’d say I am making great strides.

What have I learned from this process you ask?

To chill out, keep doing what I am doing and stop worrying so much 🙂

Everything will work out all in due time!

I hope this was helpful for anyone else stuck in the rut of passionate patience!

Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how little they may be. They are your momentum for achieving great things!


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6 thoughts on “Passionate Patience

  1. What a great post. Yes, sometimes the best thing we can do is take a step back and look at the big picture, at how far we’ve come. Nothing worthwhile ever happens overnight. Thanks for the reminders.

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  2. Hi There! This is a wonderful post. I saw this on the Dream Big, Dream Often blog. I struggle with the waiting game and patience is not a virtue I can attest to. Some days it’s like pulling out teeth with a set of tweezers, other days it’s like swimming through honey. This was really helpful and I’m going to try to chill out.

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  3. For a person with so many interests, I do lose perspective, And do kick and scream when things take time! I guess, impatience comes also from being so very used to this era of technology- fast and easy everything being its mantra!

    Really interesting blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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