Joyful Anticipation

I used to think of Mondays as the dreaded start to just another work week. I didn’t find joy until I had downed two cups of coffee and planned my attack for the gigantic “to do” list ahead of me. It was a constant cycle of monotony that I just pushed through, hoping there was something more.

That all changed the day I made the decision to alter my mindset.

The day  I finally realized the power of my thoughts!

A friend of mine sent me this video on Universal Laws and it sent me down a rabbit hole of exploration that has truly changed my way of life.

I resonated very deeply with many of the ideas expressed in this video and others not as much, but the important aspect of it was that after watching it, I was encouraged to explore this idea of universal law even further (I believe there is a bit of true in everything and I love playing detective!). As a result, I was introduced to Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Alan Watts, and Ester, Jerry & Abraham Hicks.  I had always had this inner knowing that there was something more out there, something beyond our understanding, a force at work that we were not yet conscious of and I finally felt like I was on the path to discovering it!

I have always been a spiritual person and many have argued that exploring such ideals is going against my faith, but I strongly believe, that for me, it could not be further from the truth. Understanding the inner workings of this great universe, in my opinion, will only bring me closer to that which created it and surely that would only strengthen my connection to it.

For so many years, I had been living in such a negative state that I was preventing myself from accepting any other state of being. I would make declarations about myself that I understand now to be in complete opposition of my true self. I had been programmed by tragedy to expect more and more chaos around every turn.

I came to realize that creation is always happening whether we are conscious of it or not.  And that harnessing the power behind that creation is simply becoming conscious of the power itself.

I was in  the habit of expecting a certain reality and therefore that reality continued to present itself. Once I changed this pattern of thinking to that of a state of joyful anticipation, I began to allow myself to really grow.

Shortly after this journey I wrote the post below. I realize now just how much I have grown. My mind had made a shift and every step forward since then has been eye opening. I am truly grateful!

What is Your Vibration?



5 thoughts on “Joyful Anticipation

  1. Creation is always happening. – good words and something I’ll use for some inspiration today- thanks!! I so believe that as well, NOTHING is stagnant or without Energy Force in it evolving. I appreciate your reminder today. thanks again, Momentummikey 🙂

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