All In A Days Challenge

It is on days like these when the challenges of life and the desire for more bubbles under the surface of my skin. Those around me feel like strangers in the crowd and all I want to do is crawl  under the slumbering warmth of my blankets to hide myself from the light of day.

What is it you ask that brings me such woe? The overwhelming feeling that there is just too much to be done partnered with the lack of time to do it. My mantra in these moments is “Inspiration will come and I will get it done”. I know there is power in my words, power in my thoughts and power in the way I feel. So much so that I have learned to use this power to overcome these habits of negative thinking. It doesn’t matter what the negative mindset is, I know that with some determination that I can snap myself out of it rather quickly.

Currently I am not feeling in harmony with myself and that is causing me a great deal of discontent. I woke up feeling foul after a night filled with extremely action packed dreams of survival (maybe I should lay off the zombie movies lol) so when my alarm yanked me abruptly from my slumber I was ready to fight! Reminding myself it was just a dream, I hit the snooze button and laid there pre-paving the day as I usually do. This usually helps to bring me back to myself and puts a positive spin on the upcoming events of the day.

On this particular occasion, I was rudely interrupted by the hunger of my cats and forced to cut this process short. This left me feeling a bit challenged in the moments to come. As I walked to work, I began to realize how important this morning process has become to me and I decided that once I reached the office, I would take a moment to step aside and finish the process.

It is amazing how just 5 minutes of setting ones mindset can impact the entire day at hand. Before life could pile on anymore “overwhelment”, I stopped it in its tracks and made a declaration to myself that no mater what happened, I was in charge of making it a great day! I focused on how gratifying it would feel when all my tasks were completed and the excitement I would experience when it was time to start the next project. I spent some time thinking about all the reasons I enjoyed this job much more than my last and most of all how proud I was to be excelling in my role.

Six hours later, those feelings have all but faded. Inspiration came and I did get it done. No sense in worrying, no sense in wallowing. There are a lot of things in this world that may be beyond my control, but how I feel in any given moment is all my own doing.


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4 thoughts on “All In A Days Challenge

  1. I rarely have a bad day and when I do, I have to remind myself that everyone has them and I can’t expect to never have them. Even so, I’m not really cranky, just not as enthusiastic and fun. Happiness is truly an inside job!

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