Listen To That Inner Voice

I decided to walk to the grocery store today. It is just beautiful outside, a nice change from the snow over the past few days. The store is not too far from my apartment, about 10 or so blocks and downtown Denver is always scenic, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

When I finished my shopping and checked out, I realized that I had picked up a bit more than I had planned and carrying it home could prove to be challenging. I contemplated catching a Lyft, but that seemed silly for the short distance, so I decided to walk up to the closest bus stop instead.

There were already two men standing by the bench, so I stopped at the sign post and put down my bags for a moment to pull out my bus pass and my phone. Just as I did, I could see out of the corner of my eye that both of the men were staring in my direction and then one of them whispered to the other one  as he starred intently in my direction and nodded his head. Almost as if they were making a plan or something?

I had my headphones in, so I just pretended I didn’t notice them and I continued to pull up the stop on my phone. The next bus was not for another 15 minutes, so I decided to wait. I turned slightly away from their direction to put my phone back in my purse and just as I did one of the men came up behind me. The other one was in my sights and he was starring at me with a super creepy look of arrogance. I began to feel uneasy and a voice inside of me said, “Walk away now!”

Just as I felt the man behind me come so close I could almost feel his breathe upon my neck, I knelt down, grabbed my bags and in one fluid motion stood up and walked away.

I waited until I was to the end of the block before I looked back. There were three men now. All huddled together gazing in my direction. The whole thing gave me a very uneasy feeling.

It may have been nothing and granted the walk home was a bit rough, toting all those heavy bags, but it was better than taking my chances with the hooligans on the corner! LOL

When in doubt I will always trust my inner voice 🙂


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