A Trip of a Life Time

As many of you know I have been working on the second book in my memoir series and I have been using my many journals of the past to refresh my memory a bit. In going through one of them I stumbled across this entry from a trip of a life time I took to Guatemala and Belize in December of 2012. It’s funny, as I was reading it I realized that I had completely forgotten about some rather funny details of its beginning. I thought it would be nice to share 🙂

Guatemala Trip (day one)                                                                                2/17/2012

Adella took us to the bus station to catch the Van Galder to Chicago. Our flight was at 2am and our plan was to get there a few hours early so we can have a sweet dinner & some cocktails!!

We board the bus on time and just as we are pulling out Steve realizes that he doesn’t have his cell phone! Mini Heart attack!! He runs to the front of the bus and asks the driver to stop. He does and luckily it was on the floor of Della’s car.

We are on our way again!

Heading up to the airport, we are all really excited. I can’t stop thinking about every detail (as usual), my mind is racing…some good, some bad , some fear, some sad…thought after thought, so fast it was impossible to focus on only one for more than a second. My heart was pounding a mile a minute!

We made it to the airport by a little after 9pm, but we had to wait to check in until 10:30pm.

Once 10:30 finally rolled around, we whipped thru security (1st time I got to experience that new x-ray machine thing; weird).

Sadly enough, once we made it to our terminal, our plans to booze it up & fill our tummies were failed. Due to an extensive remodel, all restaurants & bars were non existent 😦

We hit up the only kiosk available and purchased $9.00 sandwiches & salads. As hungry as I was, I really didn’t care. We camped out for 2 hours watching the movie, 28 Days Later waiting for our flight.

The flight started out pretty neat. The plane had individual monitors on the back of every seat with TV shows, music, movies, & games. The drinks were complimentary & they even served us breakfast!

The only bad part of the trip was just how long it was from bus to flight. By the second leg, all three of us were ready for it to be over. We all had something that ached and there was this sort of delusional feeling that took over after a while. But it was all worth it when we heard the announcement that we were landing in Guatemala City!

We had a slight debacle with the rental car… When we arrived at the kiosk as instructed, there was no one there and a layer of dust covering the counter. What!?!

We immediately grabbed the first person in sight to ask them what were supposed to do and were told to go outside the airport. We were hesitate to do this because there was a mob of people out there and we had absolutely no idea where we were going.What if we couldn’t get back in?

Steve called the rental company and they told him the same thing, go outside. No further instructions given.

I was eventually able to find someone who spoke a small amount of English and together we Spanglished it out. The woman I spoke with told me that only ticketed passengers are allowed in the airport and further explained that a representative from the car rental agency would be waiting outside with a sign.

Sure enough, we walked outside and there he was to shuttle us in the very car we would be renting back to the rental office. Whew.

Driving in Guatemala was terrifying to put it mildly! We realized very quickly that the traffic rules here were merely suggestive and there were absolutely no regulations on emissions. If it runs, you can drive it and they did! Black smoke streamed out of almost every car on the road and motorcyclists weaved in and out of traffic like speed racer! Steve caught on rather quickly and I was so glad I wasn’t driving. I sat in the back seat and just took it all in.

Before we knew it we were in Antigua. The city was saturated with culture. It was comprised of long corridors of colorful stucco and cobble stone streets filled with locals. Guatemalan children swarmed us in the square, Parque de Central, trying to sell us homemade jewelry and walking tours of the city. I was completely overwhelmed…in a good way. Even the most run down villa vibrated with history and emotion. It was absolutely life changing.

One of the locals guided us to a restaurant just off the square where we ordered an authentic Guatemalan soup and the national beer of Guatemala, Gallo. The waiter was fun and friendly. We asked him what the best tequila in the house was and he pointed to a tall cobalt blue bottle on a high shelf.

“We’ll take that!”

Quinta Penas Tequila

That was the beginning to a trip that was truly once in a life time 🙂

I hope you enjoyed!

Also noteworthy…

Next to this journal entry was a quote,”Make a lasting impact on every life you touch!”

Not sure where I heard it, but it sums up my highest hopes for this life.

Thank you for reading!




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