Are You Conscious?

Are you conscious?

Think about that before you answer…

Now let me ask you again.

Are you conscious?

Many of you may think this is a silly question. Of ‘course you are conscious, you are reading this post right now, but that is not the consciousness I am referring to.

I am not referring to being awake, I am referring to being aware.

Are you aware of your actions, your words, your intent?

Are you aware of the impact you have on those around you and yourself?

Do you think before you act, before you speak?

I am not sure if I really understood the gravity of this question until just recently when the actions of the unconscious caused me great pain.

A pain I had not felt in many years that cut to my core just like it was yesterday.

Disappointment is something I am all too familiar with. It is a feeling I thought I had mastered, but apparently not.

It appears that there was at least one more lesson for me to learn on the subject.

I realize now that in some cases, I bring this disappointment on myself by building up expectations in my head.

I can not and should not expect others to feel as strongly as I do about certain things. Nor should I expect them to behave in a way I feel is appropriate.

Some have called me an Empath and after researching the term, I am fairly certain that may be true. I seem to feel things to my core. Which is why the actions and words of others can have a great impact on me.

I think before I act and before I speak because I am conscious. Words have great power and I choose to use this power for good rather than acting on impulse and risk hurting those around me.

Sure, happiness is an inside job, but I don’t want to be the reason someone has to go to work!

Life is all about choice and I choose to focus on the strengths of others rather than their weaknesses. In my opinion, pointing out the flaws of others or expressing my disagreement with their decisions (unless they directly caused me pain) is not productive or necessary.

I would rather lift people up than bring them down. What would be the use in that? It surely cannot add anything positive to their lives or mine.

I don’t believe we are hear to judge. My path is my path and your path is yours. Who am I to tell you you took a wrong turn? Maybe for you, it is the right turn and maybe, just maybe there is a reason why you decided to journey in the direction you did. A reason that I just wouldn’t understand, because I am not you and I am not meant to live your life. I am meant to live my own.


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