A Pocono Mountain Thank You

Big day today. I am on my first journey as a published author. Something I have dreamed about since I was a little girl writing in my very first journal. I fantasied about how amazing it would be to be able to say I was an author. Not just a struggling writer hoping to be published, but an official, publicly recognized author.

As I sit here on my flight to begin the book tour, I am over joyed by the reality of what is to come when I land. First of all, I will be greeted by my Godparents whom I have not seen in several years and the anticipation of their embrace is enough to almost make me cry. Okay, I did get a lump in my throat as I was typing that.

For those of you who have already read the book, you know how important these two people are to me. Life happens and people get caught up in their own day to day lives, sometimes years will go by without seeing one another, but the love never fades. I can hardly wait to be reunited with my family!

The next stop will be home. Their home, but also my home; a place of comfort. Set back within the familiar Pocono Mountains where the towering pines seem to embrace as you upon approach. I so look forward to the feeling of peace that can only come from walking through that door. Everything around me seems to stop in the moment I cross the threshold. Followed by a flow of inspiration unlike any I have ever experienced anywhere else.

I always get a great deal of writing done within those walls!

Tomorrow I will take a walk down the gravel road behind the house, following the small stream that runs along the grounds. I will journey my way into the pines. Filled with memories of a time not long ago when my siblings and I would pretend we were opening a portal to another world.

And I will think to myself, “This is where it all began”. This is where I became a writer.

I would take walks like these often stopping along the way to jot down something in my journal or snap a few photos before moving further down the road. Day dreaming of the day when I would come back to say thank you to this place, these people, this energy.

I can only describe this feeling as amazing. I know there is surely a better word for it, but for not that will due.


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