Not Another New Year’s Resolution?!

Yikes! It has been a minute, my apologies.  Normally it doesn’t take me this long to get back in the swing of things, but it seems like I have had a hard time finding my inspiration since Christmas.

Not that I was in a funk or anything, more like deep thought.

Christmas was pretty perfect this year and maybe a part of me didn’t want to let it all end. I wanted to stay on holiday for as long as possible. I was so busy living in the now that I spent no time reflecting on the present if that makes any sense.

The time I spent writing was weaving fictional stories and character sketches with no real audience in mind.

So I guess I was wrong to say that I had a hard time finding my inspiration, but maybe instead I should have said that I spent less time structuring my inspiration.

I tend to be a bit over thoughtful about each post that I put on Insane Roots and it makes it hard to just sit down and write sometimes. In most cases, a post will just come to me, like it is something that simply needs to be said! Those are my favorite 🙂

Other times it is an idea or a lesson that I have learn that I want to share. Either way, I spend quite a bit of time reviewing them until I am quite sure they are as perfect as they are going to be.

I would like to spend 2016, spending more time on the message and less time on polishing it. I know the less I worry about the post I am writing the more likely I am to finish it.

I am on a journey to live my passion and I know that means letting go of the fear that I will never achieve it; the lack of it manifesting.

Only when we let go of the resistance to something are we able to fully allow the attraction of it.


I declare that 2016 will be a glorious year! I will not let fear and disappointment keep me from reaching for my goals. I will not allow others opinions to sway me from doing what I know to be right.

I will stand proud and stay motivated in the face of all that lies before me.

I will speak from my heart every chance I get and I will spend time in the moment.

This year I vow, above all else, to be present.

Happy New Year Everyone (slightly delayed) !



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