Rockets of Desire!

I am so excited! I have been exploring the teachings of Abraham Hicks for a few months now and I finally think I am getting the hang of it. I was making it a bit too difficult at first (of ‘course I was), by actually changing every negative thought I had. I realize now that by focusing so much attention to negative behavior, I was only attracting more struggles with my negative patterns. I now realize that it is more about paying attention to your feelings and what they are telling you about any individual moment in time. It’s about recognizing what you don’t want by being aware of the source of the feelings connected to those things.

Over and over again Abraham has said “By knowing what we don’t want, we can better understand what it is that we do want”.

The main goal in all of this is to focus on that; what we do want, what makes us happy.

When this deeper realization of the law of attraction came to me, it was like someone lite a match in my head. A fire of relief trickled down my body and I felt as though I had finally found the path I had been searching for.

When I moved to Denver, I moved here on a quest to reconnect with myself. I wasn’t sure if I had ever really known who that was and it was time to find out. I had a general idea of what I wanted, but did I really know…deep down… did I truly know what my heart’s desire was? The fact that I wasn’t sure pretty much confirmed the soul searching I needed to do.

We spend so much time thinking about what we want from the view point of not having it; the lack of. But what if we shift this to a feeling of how it would feel to actually have it?

Having faith and trust that all of our dreams will come true if we only believe they will is a much more positive view point than how much happier we will be if we ever get them.

Abraham helped me learn to appreciate the moment I was in and not spend all my time worrying about what would happen next. This was a huge mind shift for me. For anyone who has followed my story, you know that from a very early age I was always worrying about what would happen next. I never knew and in many cases it was not just a small bump in the road, but a complete life changing event. I spent almost every spare moment of every day worrying about what would happen tomorrow or the next day or the next year for that matter. Sometimes I feel as though I missed a large part of my life because I was never truly present in any moment. My mind was always somewhere else. Distracted by the ‘what if’ scenarios I was playing out in my head. It’s no wonder I lost track of myself along the way.

Letting go of the resistance to what we want is the hardest part. Abolishing the belief of lack that is so ingrained in us is very challenging. We were not taught that we live in a world of abundance, but rather one of struggle and scarcity. A world where we are surrounded by good and bad, but good deeds are mostly un-noticed while tragedy holds the spotlight. We hold beliefs such as ‘nothing good ever happens to me’ or ‘I never get what I want’. It may sound silly, but I know I have thought that to myself a time or two.

Well do you know what? When we think these thoughts, we are most likely correct because that is what we believe. So strongly that we have accepted it as fact and therefore as our own reality. This is the place where we are currently vibrating and will forever continue to until we break the cycle.

How do we break the cycle?

What if every time we had a negative feeling (or thought which produces the corresponding emotion), we stopped for a moment and asked ourselves why we were feeling/thinking this way? What about that don’t we want. For example, I battle with my self esteem, so I may think to myself, “You look horrible” and I immediately feel horrible.

Why do I feel horrible? The answer to this question is usually what I don’t want; I don’t want to feel ugly or over weight.

What we do want is usually the exact opposite of that.

By doing this, I now have a better understanding of what I do want.

You can even take it a step further and ask yourself why you want this; I want to be self confident and healthy because… and go on and on until you are getting really excited about what it is that you do want and all the wonderful reasons why (not how; that’s lack) you want it, what it will feel like to have it and how satisfying it will be to achieve it.

Abraham refers to this as “launching rockets of desire!” ~ I just love that!~

Basically anything you can do to switch your thinking from a place of lack to that of fulfillment keeps you in vibrational harmony with your true self and the creative source within you.

For me, I find that it is more or less keeping myself from complaining (lol) and/or feeling/thinking negatively. I’m much more in tune with my emotions. When I feel upset about something, I don’t just go with it. I stop for a second and try to get to the root of it.

This also helps in making the best of a bad situation. Instead of focusing on how unhappy you are, look for positive things around you to focus on. The party you are at may suck, but there has to be something or someone there that has something positive to offer. Go outside and gaze at the sky if you are really desperate. In this case I guess you could leave, but you get the idea.  Find something good in the moment you are in and put your energy there.This has helped me immensely.

From my experience, the more I focus my attention on the good in my life, the less time I spend worrying about all that it is lacking.

I am thankful for this moment in time and all that surrounds me and I have faith that as long as I stay true to myself that everything will work out as it should.

Call it a sigh of relief after a lifetime of living in uncertainty.



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