Breaking the Funk

You know how they say you should never go to bed angry? Well, today I understand why. Last night I went to bed very angry, stewing in my discontent for the inconsiderate behavior of others. Do you know what happened?

I woke up angry and sad, forcing myself to go through the motions of my day. All the while wishing I could just crawl back in bed and hide away from the world.

But I know I can’t. Instead, I must find a way to break this funk! 

From the teachings of Abraham Hicks, I know that if I don’t, the rest of the day is sure to be the reflection of these feelings I am radiating. 

I am attracting negative energy and if I don’t do something to change my frequency, nothing good will come from today. 

The big question is how do I do it? 

I’m at work, so locking myself away from the world is not really an option. Normally, I would go into my room, my safe place and meditate. Exhaling negative emotions and inhaling renewed energy with each breathe. 

Without this option available to me, I have decided to step away for a moment and write this post. 

Reaching for a sense of clarity, a sense of peace. 

The next few hours will be a struggle, but that is something I am no stranger to. 

The safest and most dangerous place for me is in my own mind. I have a choice as to where it shall wonder. A choice that will make all the difference today. 

So I remind myself again that this too shall pass and only I have the power to rise above. 

Thank goodness for headphones and You Tube motivation. These together will be my safe place over the next few hours until I am able to retreat. 

May the voice of reason take over my mind through the teachings of today. 


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