What Are Your Best Qualities?

I think it is important to remind ourselves of our good qualities. Especially when we are working on improving our negative ones. If you had to list 10 of your best qualities, what would they be?

Here are what I would consider to be mine 🙂 







Strong willed

Laid back – don’t sweat the small stuff!

Open minded 


I’d love to hear yours!! 

Please comment below 🙂 


2 thoughts on “What Are Your Best Qualities?

  1. My best qualities: Kind, Thoughtful, Serious to get the job done, Laid back to relax and take in the moment, Analytical, An open heart – compassion for others, Outgoing, Nature and I are one – feel at peace and connected – I have an appreciation for it, Go out of my way to help others. What are yours to the followers of Insane Roots?

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