Shout Out to My Kickstarter Backers!

Well…I have been looking forward to writing this post since the day I launched the Kickstarter Campaign for Insane Roots – A Memoir: The Adventures of a Con-Artist and Her Daughter  and the time has finally come!

We have successfully raised $874.00 with the help of 16 backers!!! I would like to take a moment now to extend a very special shout-out to all those wonderful supporters. You all have my heart!

Kerry F., Kelli K., Maryanne C., Ash H., Gerald A., Phillip K., Brittany S., Roberta B., Adella K., Jeff K., Amanda J., Emily H., Mary Jo V., Bruce F., Steve A., Mary, Joe D., & Stephen J.

Thank you for partnering with me on my mission to pay this blessing forward. Words can not express my gratitude for your heartfelt generosity.

I will be matching their contributions to place the 1st order of books for the tour in the following weeks. This should be plenty of books to kick off the tour with!

I will be starting in Pennsylvania, just a few miles from where I was born. I am also hoping to visit Wisconsin, Washington, North Carolina, Nebraska, Illinois and California throughout the year.

What is the goal?

Children like myself who come from a broken home often grow up struggling to overcome their circumstances. By sharing my story and providing mentoring for those interested in exploring writing as an outlet, I hope to inspire as many children and young adults as possible throughout the book tour. I will also be donating 25% of the proceeds from every book sold to the foundation hosting each event!

For me this tour is so much more than the launch of Insane Roots. It is my chance to pay forward the love and kindness bestowed upon me in the past 🙂

If there is an organization dear to your heart, please let me know. I am working to line up events for the tour now and would love to hear your suggestions.

It is also review time as well, so if anyone would be interested in writing an honest review of Insane Roots before it hits shelves, please let me know. I would be honored to hear your opinion.

What’s Next?

The publication of my debut novel is a dream come true and my hope is that it will develop into a series of memoirs recounting my crazy life! As you can imagine, my story is far from over and life seems to just gets crazier as the years roll on.

Insane Roots ends when my mother goes missing just before my freshman year of high-school. It was the first time in my life that she had decided to leave me behind and I will be honest, it was pretty rough. As a way of dealing with the loss, I started a journal to my mother. Each entry began with “Dear Mom,”. I thought it would be fitting to make this the title of the next book in my memoir series.

Believe me there is so much more to come! 🙂


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