Today I Make My Own Reality!

In my post last week, This Too Shall Pass, I had found myself stunted by the stress of all that was around me. I battled with old feelings of inadequacy and the loss of control. Although I was able to snap myself out of it, the days that followed proved to be quite a challenge.

Due to some massive cut backs at work, I found myself in a state of overwhelming worry. So much so that the stress of being overworked began to seep into my personal life.

I have been here before, I knew where that path would lead and I was not having it.

I have come too far to go backwards!

So this morning, I vowed to myself to take control of my own reality. I laid in bed and visualized all that I wanted today. I asked for inspiration, direction and powerful positive thinking to guide me through the day and help me to get back on track.

After this declaration, I stepped out of bed with gratitude in knowing I have the power to make this much-needed change in my attitude.

Abraham Hicks tells us that we must become deliberate creators of our own reality in order to achieve all that we are wanting. Our output each day must be positive if we hope to attract the same. For the last two weeks, I have been putting out more negative than positive and the result has been a flood of negative circumstances. One bad thing after another showed its ugly head until I began expecting more bad things to happen. And you know what? They did.

I am ashamed to admit that I let the ill effects of last week shake my faith. I pulled away from the path I had struggled so long to find, but it ends  here.

I have faith and trust that everything will work out as it should and I refuse to give control of my happiness away any longer. I know now that many of the feelings that reared their ugly head last week were feelings I had been choosing to disregard. I thought that as long as I stayed positive they would all just disappear somehow, but that is not how it works.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, these feelings were appearing in my life for a reason. It was time to work through them and let it all go to make room for what is to come.

Over the last few weeks, I have been having very similar dreams each night. They were like a compilation of past moments in my life when I felt out of control, depressed and inadequate. Times in the past that it was time to let go of. Mistakes that it was time to forgive myself for and move on from.

I can’t help but believe that these dreams were an unconscious way of forcing myself to take the next step. It is time to put the past in the past and enjoy the journey that is yet to come.


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