What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest fear? What is the one thing above all else that just the thought of gives you chills?

A thought crossed my mind.

I was sitting on my balcony contemplating what my next post should be about and reflecting on all of the positive thinking and philosophical seminars I had listened to throughout the week. I started trying to figure out what I would consider to be my ultimate goal in life. Once I was pretty sure I had nailed it, I asked myself what was blocking the achievement of this goal? You know what it was?

It was my biggest fear.

And then this question popped in my mind.

What if the path to our destiny is conquering that fear? The biggest one.

By overcoming what we fear most, we open the door to true fulfillment in life.

How about them apples!?!

What is it that I truly desire you ask?

It may sound corny, but I am bound and determined to make a difference in this world. I will not be satisfied until I feel I have truly done my part to create positive change.

My hope is to achieve this through writing and mentoring young adults who wish to express themselves artistically. Whether it be writing, painting, music, whatever. Growing up, creative expressions like these provided a much-needed outlet for me. And I know how influential the encouragement of a stranger can be in helping you overcome the obstacles before you.

It just takes one person to believe in you to help you gain the ability to believe in yourself enough to persevere.

I want to be that person for as many as people as possible.

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure this will require me to speak publicly a time or two.

And…my biggest fear is public speaking. 😦


So you can see, in order to pursue my dreams, I must conquer my biggest fear. Yikes.

It’s funny, looking back I can think of numerous times that I was face to face with this fear and I usually managed a way around it. It’s like the universe has been trying show me the road I needed to take, but I have be too afraid to walk it. 

I have only had to do three speeches in my entire life. And speech class was a requirement in College. I managed to find a summer research class where we gave all but one presentation in a group and it fulfilled my speech requirement.

So you see, I have found a way to sidestep this obstacle my entire life.

Maybe it is time that I finally stop avoiding it.

I know I have it in me. I can stand in front of a group of my friends and speak freely with no hesitation. Sometimes I am actually pretty darn funny 🙂

So why is captivating an audience of strangers any different? I guess because I know my friends love me and I have no worries about whether I will be judged or not.

I guess I should start there.

Maybe I just need to learn how to let go of my worry of judgement.

Does anyone else have this dilemma?


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