The Comforting Unknown

I don’t know about you, but I am completely fascinated by the unexplained. Maybe it is because we live in a society of industrialized materialism and the idea of something beyond our comprehension is somehow more comforting to me.

I find the idea, that there could be this whole other world out there (whether it be dimensional, spiritual or both) that is just out of our minds reach purely intoxicating.

I am not just talking about other forms of intelligent life either. I am talking about everything; conspiracy theories,  prophecies, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences (OBEs), synchronicity and the like. I feel it is important that these ideas are entertained. Not necessarily subscribed to, just not immediately dismissed. It is my opinion that just by exploring the possibility that there is some validity within the unexplained that you begin exercising your minds ability to reach beyond it’s current programming.

I am not talking about programming as in “mind control” (although I would entertain the idea that this does truly exist). This is the term I use to describe the societal influence on your belief and behavior.

By exploring beliefs and opinions outside of our current constructs, we are better able to comprehend the complexities of our existence.

Now it is very rare that I express these opinions in the public forum. As soon as I even mention the word conspiracy or prophecy I am usually greeted with a a look of “Oh, she is one of those…” followed by deaf ears.

I guess for many what is known to them is comforting, just as what is unknown is comforting to me.

Am I making sense?

Simply put, it’s the not taking everything for face value that I feel really matters. I would invite you to entertain the idea that there could be something more. In the off chance there is, wouldn’t it be better to know about it? I certainly think so.

Not to mention it can be fun playing detective as you sort out facts from fiction in whatever it is that you are exploring at the time.

Over the last few weeks, that is just what I have been doing; diving into a variety of the above mentioned genres. It all started with a post my friend shared on Facebook about a children’s book series about a family of bears.

Now I remember these bears as The Berenstien Bears, anyone else?

Well, your wrong. But your not alone. There is a massive amount of other people who have the same recollection (thousands actually).

One could rationally reason that just by reading this article, my subconscious formed a similar opinion. However, this is not the first time the discrepancy has come up. Several years ago, I was corrected by someone on my pronunciation of The Berenstien Bears. I was told it was pronounced The Berenstain Bears. At the time I didn’t think anything of it really. I assumed it was just a dialect thing; like how one pronounces potato or tomato.

Years later, now seeing the spelling of the name and images that completely contradict my recollections, I am intrigued. I have come to find out that this is not the only massively divided memory of this kind. There are many others. The most comprehensive list I have found is at

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon used to describe situations in which a large group of people share the same memory of something that has never actually happened.

Have you ever recalled something so vividly that you continue to believe even after you have been shown all the evidence to be proven wrong? Something in you just knows this to be what happened. How is it possible that something you believe so strongly can be completely contrary to what actually occurred?

I would argue that perhaps it’s not.

In one of his lectures, Alan Watts explores our concept of reality within the theories of Subjective Idealism. He explains:

“Everything is in the mind…You do not know anything except that in your own mind. The whole existence of an external world is something known to you only in your own mind. The distance of other people and other objects from you is a distance that exists only in your own mind.

You can not possibly conceive any world existing unless it be an experience. How could there be an unexperienced world. That would not be a world for anyone or anything. Therefore, it would not be at all.

Because being is always being for something. The sun is light for eyes, eyes are organs of vision for the mind. If there are no eyes, the sun gives forth no light.”

~ Alan Watts

Just think about that for a second. Read that over if you need to ( I did :))

Crazy right? Kind of makes your brain hurt?

That’s what I am talking about! Exercise your mind!

Don’t be afraid to entertain the irrational.

If Isaac Newton, Albert Eienstien or Benjiman Franklin had been afraid to explore a reality beyond commonly accepted opinion, where would we be?

There was a time in our history when the world was believed to be flat and that sailing off into the sunset could result in falling off the earth. Seems pretty silly now doesn’t it?

So you see, just because the theories presented to you may be outside of mainstream opinion does not always mean they have no validity at all.

Having said that, let’s go back to this phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect shall we. And please keep in mind, I am just presenting the information here. I do not claim to subscribe to one particular argument over another. That is not what this is all about, remember?

Why is it referred to as The Mandela Effect?

The name comes from the famous Nelson Mandela. There are a number of people (thousands) who are adimit that they remember reports of Nelson Mandela’s death on the news in the 1970’s. Not only do they all believe that he died, but everyone seems to remember the same details surrounding his death.

Only, according to the mainstream media and all documentation available on Nelson Mandela, he did not die in prison in the 1970’s as these folks recall. He actually died in 2013.

How is this possible?

From a psychological standpoint, I would argue that perhaps everyone is distorting the same memories from the past in the same way, resulting in this massively agreed upon recollection. Yet, even that seems like a bit of a stretch.

Some of the other theories out there are sure to get your mind working…

Are you ready to take a journey down the rabbit hole?

Good, let’s go!

What if these alternate histories were the result of a shift in dimensions? Most of what I have found traces the change in popular opinion of The Berenstien Bears (and others) to around 2012. Now that is interesting for two reasons. One, the fact that there seemed to be a shift in recollection by everyone that surfaced at the same time. That in itself seems a bit strange.

Two, I am not sure if you are aware of the hype surrounding 12/21/2012, but many believed that this would be the end of the age of man. Obviously, there was not a massive extinction event on this day as some had prophesied, but what if the end of the age of man was not global extinction, but rather a shift in consciousness for those open to reaching a higher level?

Those who were ready, shifted to a higher frequency and are now operating in and overlapping alternative reality. A reality where Nelson Mandela was killed in prison in the 1970’s, The Berenstien Bears really were The Berenstien Bears and there really was a show called TAPS!

Pretty trippy huh?! Told ya 🙂

Another theory is that a meddlesome time traveler from the future did something in our past to change that of the present. One would argue that had this been the case that everyone would have the same shift in opinion. I don’t know much about time travel, but my guess is that if it were possible that any number of possibilities can occur.

There is also another theory worth mentioning that hypothesizes that we are all operating in a computerized programmed reality much like that of The Matrix and that it is more likely that our lives are merely a past simulation run by our future selves. Think in terms of the game, The Sims.

It goes on and on as a good rabbit hole usually does and what you chose to believe is up to you. The point is not to limit yourself or your mind. And don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand.

Figuring it out can turn out to be one hell of a ride!

I would love to hear from you, please share any of your alternative recollections in the comments below 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Comforting Unknown

  1. “Those who were ready, shifted to a higher frequency and are now operating in and overlapping alternative reality. A reality where Nelson Mandela was killed in prison in the 1970’s, The Berenstien Bears really were The Berenstien Bears and there really was a show called TAPS!” BOOM! Mind blown!

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