Publishing with a Mission! We Need Your Help!

From a very early age, I had grand dreams of becoming a writer! Sadly, very few others encouraged these aspirations, but I never gave up. I continued to write and explore my creativity regardless of the doubtful minds surrounding me.

It is for this reason that the publication of Insane Roots is more than just a personal achievement. I believe it is my chance to make a difference.

Children like me who come from a broken home often grow up with no one who believes in them. That’s why I have decided to share my personal story. I want to share the art of believing in yourself and using writing as a tool for self discovery!

By sharing my story and providing mentoring for those interested in exploring writing as an outlet, I hope to inspire as many children and young adults as possible throughout the book tour. In addition to this, I will also be donating 25% of the proceeds from every book sold to the foundation hosting each event!

More location details to come 🙂

As a first time author, planning and funding a book tour can be very difficult. This is why I have set up a Pubslush Crowdfunding Campaign. ALL the money raised will be used to expand our reach to those less fortunate. Those children, who like me, just need someone to believe in them. Someone to help them find their confidence and encourage them to pursue their dreams no matter what their circumstance.

There are only a few short days away from the deadline of reaching our 1st goal of $1500.00.

Will you help make my dream come true of helping troubled youth make their dreams come true?

Please give what you can to help me spread my message of hope and empowerment to children who might not get it elsewhere. Everyone has unlimited potential, but without encouragement, children from difficult backgrounds might never know it. It means the world if you give $1 or $5.

If you are unable to donate, I would be so grateful if you would please share my dream on Facebook and help me raise this $1500! If we don’t raise the full $1500 the money raised thus far will be given back to the donors. BUT, if we meet our goal to raise $1500 by August 15th, I will donate another 10% of all proceeds from the books sold during the tour to Savio House of Denver, Co, a non-profit organization that provides support, treatment, and intervention to stabilize adolescents in family care and other environments of long term support.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and my dream with a gift from your piggy bank!


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