Life is Happening Right Now!

Have you ever wanted something so much it hurts? Me too.

In many cases, we want what we want right now!

Unfortunately, we don’t always call the shots.

It can be easy to feel discouraged when we are emotionally invested in the goal we are reaching towards, but I cannot express how deeply important it is NOT to give up.

Not because it means you will necessarily achieve want you want, but because perseverance teaches you patience. There is no instant gratification where seemingly impossible goals are concerned!

As we focus our time and energy on planting the seeds of our desires, we learn to be patient as they grow. In our time of waiting, we gain the ability to appreciate life. Instead of spending our time preoccupied by our own desires, we are able to truly live in the moment.

Life is happening right now!

The future will always be the future.

How can we expect to achieve anything right now if we are always worried about what is yet to come?

If I have learned anything over the years, it is that regardless of your situation, the world around you keeps moving.

There are a million things happening around us at any given moment. Things that may be worth noting, but are never noticed.

I am very guilty of this! Looking back, there were times in my life when I was hanging out with friends, but mentally I was somewhere else. Worrying about money or fantasizing about my dream vacation on the beaches of San Pedro!

For as long as I can remember, all I have ever really wanted in life was to write and create art in some form or another. I knew that was not going to pay the bills, so I made the responsible choice and went to college. All through college, I day dreamed about where I would be when it was all over…would I ever be a writer? After college, I worked. All through work, I day dreamed about where I would be when it was all over…would I ever be a writer?

I spent so much of my time dreaming and very little of my time planning. Well I guess I should give myself a little more credit, I did have a general plan in place, but looking back I realize that I may have missed out on a lot of opportunities. I let fear keep me from exploring. In many cases, I spent too much time worrying about the future to truly enjoy the moment I was in.

I will not say I have regrets. Obviously, I learned something 🙂

I have learned how important it is to hit pause every once in a while.

Step back for a minute and just take it all in.

In this moment there are a million things happening around us. Practicing patience seems like less of a chore when there is so much around you to admire.

I have also learned how important it is to step out of your comfort zone sometimes.

When I attended the Authors 101 conference, I stepped waaaay out of my comfort zone. On the second night we were given the chance to pitch our manuscript to a panel of editors, publishers and literary agents. The set-up was like that of speed dating!

Each member of the panel was seated at a table in a row along the back wall of a conference room. Each one of us would be given only five minutes with each of the panel members (and you had to get back in line after each one and wait for the next).

I panicked! This was a nightmare for me. It reminded me of cheer leading try-outs in the eight grade. All eyes on you to sell yourself to the judges in just one cheer! My social anxiety immediately kicked in, my stomach dropped and I started to sweat. I am not ashamed to say that I was about to chicken out.

Just as I was about to walk away, the woman I attended the conference with convinced me to stay.

This was a chance in a life time. My dream was right there in front of me and I was going to walk away?

In that moment, I realized the only thing standing in my way was fear. I knew I would look back on that moment and kick myself if I didn’t take the chance.

So I stood in line three times and gave my pitch over and over. The first time was pretty shaky, but he wasn’t interested anyway and by the third time I was feeling pretty confident.

I took a chance that day and it has made my seemingly impossible dream in to a very real possibility.

The moral of the story?

Don’t let fear stand in your way and NEVER give up on your dreams.


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