The Pent Up Creative

I had a great revelation this weekend in regards to how important it can be to release your creativity on a regular basis.

For someone like me, it must be part of my everyday life.

Otherwise it creates a painful blockage both mentally and physically.

Last week was a bit rough.

I was working on the marketing campaign for the book and feeling very overwhelmed.

I didn’t write much or do anything else creative.

By Thursday, I was physically ill with a feeling I have never felt before.

It was like I had heartburn, nausea and cramps all rolled together to form a toxic ball of yuck!

These feelings were not in their usual places either. Instead they were all radiating from my third Chakra.

It was not until a co-worker pointed out the significance of the location that I realized I needed to explore these symptoms further.

After doing some research, it became very clear that I had been internalizing the stress related to my current situation causing a severe imbalance.

I decided that it was time to do some work on balancing my Chakras.

I found an appropriate audio guided mediation and began Saturday on a mission to work all this out.

By today, I am feeling much more centered.

I made a conscious effort to off set my weekend “To Do” list with spouts of creativity such as painting and crafting.

It is now Sunday evening and I have finished several craft projects, one painting and just completed ten new listings on E-Bay.

Despite doing some major work on my marketing plan last week for Insane Roots, I was still feeling overwhelmed by the large expense and complexity of it all. I knew it would be no good to continue working on it until I was able to clear my head a bit.

I decided to set it aside for the last few days and spend some time reconnecting to myself. I knew in my heart that everything would work out as it should in the end and stressing over it would not lead to anything productive.

After completing my last item on my “To Do” list for the weekend, I decided to check my email.

One of the items I was working on last week for the book campaign was a fundraising opportunity on the website Pubslush. It allows authors to host a crowdfunding or pre-order campaign for their upcoming book. Every submission goes through an approval process and there is no guarantee that your project will be approved.

The first email in my inbox was from Pubslush! The crowdfunding campaign for Insane Roots – A Memoir: The Adventures of a Con-Artist and Her Daughter has been approved!!

I know there is still a chance that we will not raise the money needed, but just receiving the approval to try is ever so uplifting!

I would suggest this site to anyone who is working to raise money for the release of an upcoming book. Whether you are working with a publishing company or not, Pubslush is a great community to get involved with!

Here is a link to the Insane Roots Campaign:

~ Let me know if you have any questions about setting up your own crowdfunding or pre-order Campaign. I would be happy to help!


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