The Perception of Love

My whole adult life, I’ve been a fan of romantic movies and touching love stories. However, with every passing year I’ve come to the realization that…
Although it is written about, dramatized and all together saturated within the common world…

The stories we read and the movies we watch about long-lost loves and fate’s intervention are simply the fantasies we use to keep ourselves trying and hoping for a perfect, stop in your tracks, head over heels, perfect love!

But the truth is…

There is NO perfect love, no perfect relationship, and no perfect person.

In the end, it’s the perfect you that you should be searching for.

It’s not fair to expect to be saved by someone.

Better yet, save yourself!

Only then, can you truly give yourself to someone and trust them when they give themselves to you.

That is the only real “perfection” in love that any of us will ever achieve. It may not be as theatrical as the best love story ever told, but it’s real and true.

That’s still something I am content searching for. And when I find it, I’ll know (even if I ignore it at the time), deep down, I will be defenseless to its effortless and somewhat obviousness.

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