Rise and shine.

This was a must share. I just came across this post and I think it encompasses everything I have been saying for the past few months.

Life is so very complicated, but it is also so very beautiful!


Life. It’s a crazy thing isn’t it? Full of ups and downs. Trials and tribulations. Lessons and growth. Decisions and opportunities. I suppose one could say life is like a test. A test of your character. A test of your will. A test of your ambition. A test of your faith. Ahhhh, but it is beautiful isn’t it? Even in its darkest hour, it’s beautiful. So easily it is to get lost in our every day struggles. To, not just lose hope but to become so overwhelmed in our momentary despair that we lose sight of what truly matters. How easy it is to succumb to defeat. To allow all of the negativity to hinder our ability to move forward. But in struggle lies strength. And strength, well, thats beauty. I believe those moments, those dark moments we encounter in our lives, define who we are. It is in those…

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