Update on my Mysterious Cousin!

Well that was short lived! I just received the following reply back from the woman in question:

“I am sorry I might be mistaken, I thought your birth father was (Insert name)?”

I replied:

“No worries at all. He may be, but I am not sure. If he is he has never reached out. I was excited for a minute thinking maybe you knew something I did not:) My mother was under an alias when she had me. It’s a long story…”

She read my response and has not sent anything additional. I don’t expect her to either. I checked out that person’s profile and I can see where the confusion may have happened. Looks like he is connected to a family with my last name (mom’s alias).

I’ll be honest with you, I am a little bummed. I think a part of me was thinking maybe she was contacting me on my real father’s behalf. No such luck.

My best guess is that it probably is the man I originally think it was and he wants nothing to do with me. THANKS MOM! I will continue to keep tabs on him and maybe some day I will try to reach out again, but I’m not ready for another disappointment just yet.

Oh well, I guess my life can go back to normal now.

It has got me thinking still though about all the other lives my mother lived during the times she was missing throughout my life. I would still be interested in finding out more about that and I intend to try and do some more investigating. I suppose that is the positive twist on all of this. It brought up some not so great feelings of disappointment and confusion, but it has also reminded me of just how much more digging I will need to do to get the whole story.

I better get started on this!


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