What? You Know my Dad?????

I have been immersed in a book for the last two days, so I haven’t been writing very much. I just finished, Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne. It is the 1st in the series and it was fantastic! I am anxiously awaiting the 2nd book as the 1st one really leaves you hanging!! It’s funny, I am a writer, but have never been much of a reader. My mind is usually racing too much to focus and I usually find myself reading an entire page, but thinking of something else the whole time requiring me to go back and reread it. Since my life has slowed down a bit, I have found it much easier to read these days and I am loving it! I finished this book in 2 days and I can’t wait to start the next one. If you are into Zombie fiction, I highly recommend this book.

Now that I finished the book, I spent some time this morning exploring social media a bit more. I know it is essential to explore this avenue in relation to marketing my book and myself (neither of which are my strong suits).

In doing so, I stumbled upon an “other” tab on my Facebook inbox and found several missed emails, one from someone who thinks she may be my long-lost 2nd cousin. She said she talks to my dad and is his friend on FB?? My Dad??? What??

I emailed her back with the obvious questions and gave her a little background as to why she is most likely is mistaken. This could prove to be a very interesting turn of events…

I have not heard back from her yet and the email is from September, so I don’t know if I will, but my mind is racing at the idea of having a family out there that I don’t know about. Given my mother’s history, it would not surprise me that the person she originally claimed to be my father is indeed not, but I always thought there was a bit of truth in her story. I have found that she is more of a twister of the truth than an out right liar (in most cases). Usually there is still a small thread of truth in what she has told me.

I have spent the rest of the morning snooping on her FB page to see if I can make any connection to this person and I can’t find one. She lives in Missouri, which is very close to IL so it is possible that my mother stopped there before fleeing to NY where she originally told me that I was conceived. Is it possible she was pregnant before she met the man she listed on my birth certificate? If so, how did this person find me? What name was she using then? My last name is the alias she was using when she gave birth to me, so maybe that is where they made the connection?

The fact that she said she has talked to my father, raises even more questions. If she is who she says she is and we are really 2nd cousins than that would mean my real biological father has always known about me. That makes me uneasy and quite hurt really. I understand the fear he may have had for my mother, but after I turned 18 there would have been nothing she could have gone after him for (in the way of child support). Has he been following my life closely and if so, why is this all coming up now. I have been on FB for years?! My head is swimming!

I reached out to each of my families: My godparents, biological & my mother’s adopted family. No one knows this person.

I have kept tabs on the person who was listed on my birth certificate throughout the years and I was convinced that he was my dad. I never reached out to him, because when I did so in my younger years he claimed not to be my father, but I have had many friends look at his photo and the consensus is that I resemble him. I was content in knowing that he was doing alright and I understood why he may be leery of the facts, so I left him alone. Never in a million years did I think that there could be someone else out there. He fit the MO of someone my mother would date (biker dude) and everything just seemed to match up. Until now…

My godfather posed the warning that this person may be someone claiming to be my relative due to the book coming out, but the email was from September and I wasn’t really speaking much about the publishing contract on social media then, so it is unlikely.

Then I thought that maybe this person was related the person whose identity my mother stole and she was confused. However, this person passed away several years ago. I found an article about her death earlier this year when I was doing some digging in to my past for the current book. I looked up her obit today to find that she had 10 children and none of their last names match anyone on this person’s friends list either. WT?

According to an article I found in regards to my mother’s most recent incarceration, she has 27 known aliases. I know some of them, but not all 27. Is it possible that this person or my “father” knew her as someone I never knew she was? Just typing that made my stomach drop. I am beginning to wonder if my mother has more lives that I even know about. If I was still talking to my mother, I could ask her. However the likelihood that she would tell me the truth or even remember the truth was doubtful. Besides, I am not ready to take that step yet. Although it would be nice to know what the hell is going on! I guess I will just have to cross my fingers that this woman contacts me back.

If anyone knows of a way to get a list of my mother’s aliases, please let me know. I have searched out my mother’s numerous mug shots and most of the names listed are names I know she has used. However, there are not 27 of them and I would be excited to get a list of all of them. It may help to answer the many questions I have as to her whereabouts during the 2nd book. I am having trouble piecing it all together, just as I did trying to write the 1st one. At least I was present in her life during most of the 1st book. This made it much easier to connect the dots.

You better believe I will be back to update you as soon as I have some more information!

Thanks for reading!


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