Side Note

Before I start this next chapter, I feel it important to mention again how very thankful I am for the life altering relationships I have formed through the sometimes vindictive behavior of my mother. This is the point in the story where you begin to truly understand how complex the mind of my mother must be. In many moments to come, there will be times of confusion along with those of sheer disgust. For this reason, it is important to remember that, for me, the result of all the negatives is a life of no regrets. I am the person I have grown to be because of every moment in my life. I would change nothing and ask no sympathy for one single disappointing experience.
Optimism and faith have been my motivation for as far back as I can recall. To everyone who has contributed to this very character building life, I give you my heart. Thank you for loving me despite my situation and standing by me in the darkest of hours. Parts of me are parts of you, grown from the love you’ve so graciously shared. I love you more than words.


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