Where it all begins…

Why start a blog?

Why not? A blog can be a stepping stone to something more, a way to express your hopes, dreams, aspirations, or a bridging connection to a worthwhile experience.

When the 1st person suggested to me that I write a book about my story, I remember thinking…who cares about my life…and wouldn’t it be so presumptuous for me to claim some right to my own life’s struggles. After all, everyone has struggles and who is to say mine are worth reading in print?

As a result, years have gone by and my story has continued. Turn after turn and still I am being told to put it all together in print. It may not be something anyone wants to read, but yet it may be something that gives someone the strength to know they are not alone and anyone, even alone, can pull forward and move beyond their past.

That may sound theatrical, but it’s the truth.

After almost 20 years of procrastinating, I have decided to try out my words here and see where it goes. If you like it, read on. If you don’t, find another blog.

Without giving too much away, perhaps I should summarize further with this:

Over the years people have asked me in passing about my heritage or a question about my last name will come up and I’ve always tried to express my long story in short. Needless to say, I’ve had a bit of trouble. For those who have the genuine interest and the time to listen to the complex make up that is my family dynamic, they all seem immensely intrigued. To me, it’s my life. It’s what I know and I have had no other choice but to understand it, because I live it. However, now that I have been able to take a step back and view it from an outside perspective, I am beginning to think that maybe it is a story worth being told; struggles worth sharing.

I don’t claim to know better than anyone else nor do I claim to have any sort of empowering wisdom that can change anyone’s life. I will however hold the claim that as a result of these struggles, I hold faith and strength that I feel has helped me to continue to know myself despite the amazing amount of bullshit (to put it frankly) that I have been through. If my story can provide inspiration for one person to feel they are not alone or give them the strength to get through a heart breaking time, than in my opinion it is worth sharing. No matter how lost I have been, I seem to always find myself in some form of strengthened revelation that has helped build the person I am today.


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